The North East New South Wales Forestry Hub

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Our region is the heart of native hardwoods, family operators and forward thinking.

Our program is designed to produce impact driven solutions for industry in our region.

About us

Our mission

The North East New South Wales Forestry Hub was established in May 2020. Our charter is to address the socio-ecological timber resource needs of the region. Motivated by the core concept of planting the right trees in the right places, we will develop a strategic way forward which enables the establishment of timber plantations for both environmental and resource use. Our transdisciplinary approach to projects allows us to plan for resilience in the landscape by identifying the range of values associated with forests and timber products and then mapping a clear plan for management and resource security.

Our projects

The Hub’s projects were designed by stakeholders in the region with a clear understanding of the potential impediments to equity, resource security (wood supply), sustainability, stewardship and circular economy. Between 2020 and 2022 we will be providing the public with a series of datasets, reports and workshops aimed at addressing regional needs. Our projects are described in greater detail here.

Our governance

The Hub was established using a Commonwealth Grant under the National Forest Industries Plan. A Committee consisting of nine expert individuals from across the forestry value-chain was then established. The Committee meets quarterly to discuss the Hub’s progress in achieving its goals. The Committee is informed by the Hub manager who leads and guides Hub projects.

“Let’s put more trees in the ground”